There is more to design than creating an aesthetically pleasing lift, you need to be qualified to complete and submit lift construction designs and be capable and competent enough to follow the standards required to create a safe design.

Lift Designs

The design of a lift, whether you want a new installation, full replacement of modernisation is so much more than what a user sees, it has its own set of regulations setting out what must be included, what you can and can’t do, what speed it can travel at, how many floors it can cover and even how many people are allowed in the lift at any time. These regulations are complex and rigorous and justifiable so, like all electromechanical equipment used for the movement of people or goods, safety is the first and most important consideration and as such the regulations covering design of lifts focusses on safety throughout the process. As in keeping with all elements of Lift Specialists Ltd, we keep design in-house, providing an end to end process management capacity available for our clients, giving confidence in our approach and facilitating smooth, timely, professional and flexible project management

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