LOLER Compliance

LOLER Lift Insurance Compliance. Every lift requires LOLER inspections completing, but do you know the real reasons they are required?

LOLER Lift Insurance Compliance

Everyone thinks of their LOLER inspections purely as a check on how the maintenance service provider is performing, whilst I agree this is an opportunity to get an overview of maintenance standards, it is in real terms so much more. The objective and requirements of the LOLER attendance is to give an independent snapshot report of the equipment condition, very similar to a car MOT, it not only looks at what has or hasn’t been serviced, it also looks at the equipment condition and makes recommendations for upgrades and notifications on new standards, it is also a requirement for any actions to be recorded, completed and the action closed out, this is just as important as maintenance standards and a good service supplier will manage these actions and provide the documentation when requested. Lift Specialists Ltd, using a bespoke industry specific management platform, provide this auditable process which allows our clients peace of mind, knowing their statutory obligations as building owners or managers, is managed to provide full compliance under the LOLER regulations.

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LOLER Insurance Compliance LOLER Compliance by Lift Specialists engineers
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