News  -  AUG 2018
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Installation & Design

Is your new lift to be used for carrying people or goods, or to provide special disabled access? What should the look and feel of the car interior be?

You may wish for a lift to reflect your individual tastes, or to be consistent with a corporate brand. A lift’s application might influence the features, colours and materials to be used. If you’re looking to create a distinctive, bespoke lift that matches your precise requirements, the in-house design team at Lift Specialists are available to help you translate your ideas into reality.

For new installations, we can advise you on the suitability of various types of lift technology, be it traction, hydraulic or one not requiring a conventional machine room (MRL). Our engineers appreciate all that is involved in the commissioning of new installations and will provide you with an excellent, sustainable solution that delivers the most from your budget.