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News  -  AUG 2018
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Areas of Operation

Different lifts are required to fulfil a surprisingly broad range of tasks, which explains why Lift Specialists work with such a great diversity of clients.


A lift can be intended to carry office workers, shoppers, residents, students, hospital beds and equipment, food, vehicles, heavy warehouse stock and any number of other types of people or commodities. In each case, the technology behind the lift’s operation and the interior of the car must be designed to fulfil its purpose completely.


Lift Specialists work with clients drawn from the entire spectrum of private and public sectors. They include facilities and property managers, local authorities and housing associations, building contractors and developers, high street retailers, hotels and restaurants. Many of them have long-term servicing contracts to maximise fault-free operation, while others require one-off refurbishments or modernisation to enhance a lift’s comfort, efficiency and, above all, safety.